Paul(Pablo) Fischer 1864-1932

A pueblo in Mexico

Paul Fischer was born in Stuttgart, Germany on February 2 1864 into a respectable family. He was one of three sons; one became an engineer and the other two were doctors. He received his early education in Wurttemberg and went on to Bavaria to attend a university in Munich where he received a degree in medicine in 1884 .
In the year 1890, Paul Fischer, now a doctor, accepted a position as a resident physician at Promontorio Mine in The State of Durango in Republic of Mexico. He immersed himself in the culture of his adopted country and was called Pablo Fischer.
In his watercolors he depicted the vistas and mountains, rivers and lakes, horses and charros of Mexico. He signed his watercolors with a monogram, which is made of letters P & F.
On August 9th 1932, at the age of 68, Pablo Fischer passed away. Although he is gone his contribution to art and history will always remain.

Sources: Parniani Fine Art / EL Paso Museum Of Art Exhibition Catalog 1963