Detlef Sammann 1857-1938

Born in Westerhever, Germany on Feb. 28, 1857. Having beeen apprenticed to a local painter at an early age, Sammann began working as a fresco painter in Dresden while in his teens. While there, he was a pupil of Wilhelm Ritter for four years at the Industrial Art School. In 1881 he sailed to New York where he worked as an interior decorator and muralist. For health reasons, he migrated to California in 1896. For about two years he was active in San Diego and San Francisco but then moved to Pasadena. The many frescoes he painted in local residences are examples of the German rococo style. Upon retirement in 1912, he moved north to Pebble Beach and adopted an Impressionist style. Inspired by the local scenery, he painted landscapes, coastals, and marines. Sammann spent the war years in this peaceful place but, homesick for his native land, he returned to Dresden in 1921. He died there on May 25, 1938. Exh: Pasadena Art Union, 1896; Blanchard Bldg (LA), 1910; Calif. Art Club, 1911; Daniell Gallery (LA), 1911; San Francisco Art Association, 1911-14; Del Monte Art Gallery, 1912; Friday Morning Club (LA), 1914; Exposition Park (LA), 1914; NAD, 1915; Golden Gate Park Memorial Museum, 1915, 1916; Panama-Calif. Int’l Expo (San Diego), 1916 (silver medal); Kanst Gallery (LA), 1916.

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