Beulah Stevenson1890-1965

Abstraction 1948

Beulah Stevenson was born 1895 in Brooklyn Heights, New York where she lived and worked until her death on 17 March, 1965.  She studied at Pratt Institute, the Art Student’s League with John Sloan and in Provincetown with Hans Hoffman.
Stevenson was a printmaker, painter, illustrator, teacher, as well as curator at the Brooklyn Museum.  She maintained active membership in a range of artist’s organizations including the New York Society of Woman Artists (president), National Association of Women Artists (board member from 1949), Brooklyn Society of Artists (vice-president), Art Institute of Chicago, International Graphic Society Inc., Philadelphia Print Club, Provincetown Art Association and the Creative Artist’s Association.  She was a member of the American Artist Congress which endorsed government support of art unions and promoted the social-realist style of American scene painting.  When the Congress’ affiliation with the Communist Party increased, Stevenson left it to join the Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors, established to promote avant-garde art.

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